Mensaje por chinche » Dom Dic 07, 2008 5:47 pm

I have found this forum when I was looking for some partituras. I was studing classical guitar about 5 years, but besouse of some changes in my life, I did not have the oportunity to play for las 5 years.
Right now I want to start again, I hope that with a little help of this Foro it will be posible.

saludos desde Brazil


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Mensaje por whooper » Dom Dic 07, 2008 11:45 pm

Dear chinche-san,

Nice to meet you here. Your mother tongue is Portuguese, isn't it? Unfortunately, yours and mine, Japanese, have just shut off. That's why I landed here too.

Like you, I am a re-starter after a 6-year blank. In my life, I have been in a bad cycle of shorter serious lesson and longer sleep. I have started this January. I have gained back so-so. The least I may say is;

First, as most of moderators recommend, find a good friendly teacher
Second, visual aids by DVD or YouTube to see and check various styles and fingerings
Third, become friends with good real or virtual fellows
Forth, use good resources, for instance, score and DVD libraries here.
Fifth, lone and tough self-study

(1) is too late for me and also I am not affordable. I try to follow the rest. Especially, (3) encourages me greatly.

Hasta la vista

marco monteiro

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Mensaje por marco monteiro » Dom Ene 18, 2009 10:25 am

Hi! So do I, people! I´m new in this site and i found this precious chat and music database while i was looking for partitures and news about classic guitar. I studied classic guitar harder for 4 years, during my university period and after that i started to work and it comes to be very dificult to continue the study. I never left my guitar, but last 3 years my relation with the guitar has been so sloppy. Now I'm incouraged to do some better and i'm thanks with all your advices and hospitality in this new site for me. Good Study!

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